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Great in 2005, Better in '06


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Lately I've been watching the news and it says that the U.S. real estate Market is about to experience a bust (Denver and San Francisco being the most affected). My opinion is that this year in RE is going to be better for Music City because of this:

a) With Nissan North America moving into our region, 1300 (estimate that some of those people have families so maybe about 3000 new people in Nashville) employees will too. Those employees will not only need homes but also services such as Doctors, Schools for their children to go to, etc. Now Nashville already has both of those BUT that will require new teachers to come and its a whole chain reaction.

That is why it will be better but feel free to prove me wrong.

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Another big plus for Nashville is that real estate prices have not exploded to insane levels as in many other cities. Real estate is a relative bargain here still, and that alone will keep things chugging along, as long as interest rates don't go up. Rumor is the Fed has finished raising rates, so that bodes well for Nashville as well.

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