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don't you have to be invited by someone with Gmail to get a Gmail account?

Not anymore to my knowledge. I thought the trial period was over.

From the Gmail FAQ

Can I sign up without the invitation code? Or without a mobile phone?

You need to receive and enter a special invitation code in order to create an account. Currently, we are only sending these codes as text messages to mobile phones. So you will need to have a mobile phone with text message capabilities (most phones have this) and the invitation code itself.

One of the reasons we are offering this new way to sign up for Gmail is to help protect our users and combat abuse. Spam and abuse protection are two things we take very seriously, and our users have been very happy with the small amount of spam they've received in their Gmail accounts. We take many measures to ensure that spammers have a difficult time sending their spam messages, getting these messages delivered, or even obtaining a Gmail account (spammers will often use many different accounts to send spam). Sending invitation codes to mobile phones via SMS is one way to address this, as the number of accounts per phone number can be limited.

If you want to open an account a different way, you may want to ask a friend with a mobile phone to receive an invitation code for you or to ask someone you know who already has a Gmail account to email you an invitation.

So it looks like you have to have a cell phone, so that's better than nothing at all. Also, admin never said anything about excite mail accounts so you may be able to sign up with that too. I'll have to ask.

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Junkie Weathermen would be a great name for a band.

I hate to make light of their problems having known my share of adicts and having lost a few friends to heroin but still there is a bit of dark humor in the story. We were joking at work last night that it's that Viper Radar that drove them to it and that Robin Reed is going to have to kill somebody to take the attention away from channel 10.

A friend of mine is a cameraman for channel 10 but I haven't talked to him since all this broke.

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