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18th & Edgehill


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Anybody know whats in store for that corner? It became a vacant lot in one afternoon. Used to be 3 houses -- two of which were split up into apartments. I walk to work from the bus stop every day and in the morning they were there -- but in the afternoon it was a flat lot. i know there's some interesting development going on further north on 18th,...just wondering if it's started to move southward a bit.

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Unfortunately, Vanderbilt University (the owner of these properties) demolished them for parking. I complained via letter when I learned of these plans and personally spoke to the Director of Real Estate for Vanderbilt. The usual explanations were given for the demolition--too expensive to maintain, etc. Ultimately VU will do something else with these parcels (and adjacent parcels on Edgehill going back to University School, but for now they are parking. I'm assured that they will be the best landscaped parking lots ever, but we will see.

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