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Vintage- RARE, RARE pics form 31st floor Observation desk!

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This is a rare chance to see the views from the third tallest building in the state of Kentucky. The Lexington Financial Center is the tallest in Lexington and stands at 31 floors, 410 feet tall. The top has two observation decks on which you can actually walk out on them! One faces the southeast and has private offices by it. The other faces the northwest and has the board room for the company that owns the tower with it. I happened to get into contact with the building manager while living in Lexinton 4 years ago. He allowed me to go up and shoot some pics. This is rare people. Nobody has pictures from up here on the net, so enjoy and feel free to comment. I will help guide you through the tour.


This is the Lexington Financial Center. The observation decks are located where the blue neon lights extend downward and level off, then ascend back up at an angle.


The views from the 30th floor lobby.


The observation deck itself.


The University of Kentucky campus to the southwest of downtown.


Victorian Square. AWESOME place to visit, btw!


Looking down Harrodsburg Road.


The Hyatt(left), Rupp Arena(center), and the Radisson Hotel(right). Intersection of Vine and Broadway.


Lexmark International Headquarters campus northeast of downtown.


A close-up of the gardens on the 22nd floor of Kincaid Tower across the street.


Kincaid Tower, second tallest in the city at 23 floors and a little over 300 feet tall. I used to work in this building designed by world famous Kohn, Pederson, & Fox Associates from New York, NY. This building was the centerpiece of a movie in the 70's named 'Steel'.


That's it! I have more, but there really isn't anything else to see. Thanks.

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Nice pics. I know that one is priviate. But I wish buildings had more observation decks.

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