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Gainesville, FL


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What's holding this city back?

Are the against growth there in G-ville?

What's the future outlook?


Condo Development Proposed Near the UF Campus.

Like all of Florida, Gainesville is growing. Growing the way the people of that city want it to. I admire the quality developments I've seen proposed for Gainesville, they've got a few good ones on the table, not your typical high rise buildings, and strip malls, but well planned, forward looking growth that acts to cater more to the long-term goals of the city.

I wouldn't say the people of Gainesville are against growth, they just want to do it at their own tempo, not Las Vegas's, which is cool to me. It allows the residents time to actually appreciate all of the change that's going on around them one piece at a time, while still allowing Gainesville to retain its College Town feel.

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Gainesville is an awesome city that I think is about to see a lot of future growth as UF grows and so do the cities only an hour away (Jax, O-town). Remember, Gainesville only has a couple hundred thousand people in the area, so you will not be seeing fifty floor office buildings, mega malls, and many high rise condos being built, but its the little stuff that makes all the difference, and Gainesville's downtown is fun and nicely laid out. Every time I have been through to visit people at UF downtown seems to be bustling for such a small population.!

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I'll even argue that despite the fact that the Gainesville area doesn't have the sizable population of the cities you mentioned, Jacksonville and Orlando, it still offers many of the same amenities without all of the big city headaches (traffic congestion, high crime, pollution, etc...). I'll say the population doesn't necessarily make a community great if the mass of that population is inactive, and uninvolved. Gainesville is a clean city, offering both a taste of the urban and the natural side of Florida... much like Tallahassee. What's greater about cities like Tallahassee and Gainesville are the highly educated populations that are products of the major universities.

With all of these good things going for it, I'm sure Gainesville is happy that it is able to do more with less.

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Nitpick from me on simms3 post. While folks in G'ville can make it Jax in an hour, it takes the AVERAGE citizen of G'ville about an 1.5 hrs or more to get to downtown O-town. It's a distance of 115 miles. I'm sure it's been done by a few in an hour, but most take longer. Not picking on you simms3, just nitpicking...carry on.

Good points there TJ! Bigger does not always mean better especially in quality of life issues.

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Hey poonther, on behalf of Jacksonville, I would take it as a compliment that Gainesville is closer to J-ville than Orlando. Not a bash to them, but I think Jacksonville is more connected to Gainesville than Orlando as well, we both have Shands, big Gator fan base here, Gator Bowl, etc.

I also believe that the relationship between the two cities is a mutual benefit, and one day, that stretch of 301 will probably be completely developed, and could become limited access highway (hopefully it won't come to that!)

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