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Pennsylvania first to protect Pittsburgh's sound


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Pennsylvania has taken the lead among 10 states that are considering measures (North and South Dakota both have watered down versions already) to crack-down on groups that steal the identity of Doo-Wop groups. More then just tribute or cover bands, these bands promote themselves as the actual group, going so far as to talk about the grammys they have and how they started legendary vocal group. Unlike Rock'n'Roll groups, many of the doo-wops were only known through radio and vinyl, few people would know enough about them to spot a fraud. What makes it all the more tragic is these criminal enterprises gain a promotional machine that stifles any chance of the real group going back out on tour ("but I thought we saw the Drifters already the last 10 years, who are these jokers?").

Pittsburgh has been claimed by some as the birthplace and home of doo-wop the early shades of what would become Rock'n'Roll. It also is the major media market that ushered in doo-wops replacement . . . Rock'n'Roll when DJ Porky Chedwick of then whites-only radio WAMO was the first DJ in the world to play true rock (from both whites and blacks) on a city's airwaves. Music, politics and humanity have never been the same ;)

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