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Hayward Ave Construction/Completion + More! (AA)

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Wow! Another Ann Arbor update within a week of the other! I won't get too excited since U of M will probably dump a whole bunch of work on me next week. Anyway, I'll keep them coming when I have the time. I took these photos this Tuesday up on North Campus.... I know.. cringe. But we got some new buildings up there too and you'll find them surprisingly nice. Most of these buildings are located on Hayward Ave. I've tossed in a few extras pics for fun. Architecture enthusiasts will enjoy my feature structure today, the computer science building. I was really impressed with the interior. Anyway, enjoy!


Arthur Miller/Walgreen Drama Center


Render/Beer Pong Table

It's amazing how these signs turn up at parties.




Some strange corridor between the two buildings.


New CS building beyond the auditorium.


Lurie Tower. North Campus students got jealous of the tower on Central Campus, so the university built this second tower.


Hill on Hayward. I shall dedicate this photo to my friend Collin Hayward representin' Baltimore and taking classes on this lame part of campus.


Another shot down the street with our trademark street lights.


Back entrance to Computer Science Building.


When I walked in, I was really surprised to discover how cool this building was.


Dang that's mad cool atrium


Class in now in session.


Or naptime.


You'll see a lot more pictures of this.


Factory skylight.


A hall


Told you so.


New classroom/seminar room


The brackets on the overhangs match the railings inside.


But the glass needs some extra support in the center.

More to come, but someone needs to post since I met the 20 image limit/per post.

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That new comp sci building is SOOOOOOO much better than the EECS building that I had to put up with (though the EECS building looks like there are a ton of windows, classrooms, labs, etc. had no windows) while I was there.

I'm jealous!

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I like that staircase! It looks very similar to some designs I saw in this book about staircases.

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