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MN/WI Trip Ideas


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I'm planning a trip this Spring (late April) to fly from Tucson to Minneapolis, rent a car and drive through Western Wisconsin.

I have a friend here who lived in Eau Claire for about two years, and he talks about how cool Western Wisconsin is and has made me want to visit.

I'm looking for a route mainly, and an idea on what towns I should check out. I'm going as far north as Lake Superior and as far east as Madison, and would like to check out some towns on the Mississippi.

I've never been to Chicago and would like to see it, but I'm going to do it on a different trip so that I have more time.

My friend suggested La Crosse, Menomonie and Chippewa Falls. Another person who has spent time out there said that the area was gorgeous but that Madison was boring.

I should have about six days to do all of this.

Any comments and/or suggestions?


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I would say go up through Chippewa Falls and then head north to Superior/Duluth and go up the North Shore of Minnesota... but you're going ot be there in late April and it's not the most spectacular place in late April (especially if it's a cool spring.. there could still be snow on the ground).

Here.. check out this website on the North Shore


Otherwise, if you stay further south and check out Lacrosse and Winona (on the Minnesota side).. it should be pretty nice in late April. The flowers should be blooming and the leaves budding in force.

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There are a few cute St. Croix River towns (the river that creates the MN/WI border before it connects with the Mississippi). Like, Stillwater and Taylors Falls. Nothing exciting really, but if you like antiquing, grabbing a cup of coffee and strolling main street...

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