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Pittsburgh home to new IPO!


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Pittsburgh will be home to yet another public (stock-traded) company very soon, Koppers the once-great chemical concern still headquarted across from the U.S. Steel Tower, is coming back strong after a few decades of decline and being a subsidary of a British firm. The new symbol will be KOP, and my question is are they big enough to add to the Fortune 500 rankings for Pittsburgh? My gut says no, but that would be great if we could get an 8th company on that list, and with a Grant Street address no less!


I am still waiting for the day Giant Eagle goes public . . . they are one of the largest private companies on earth and would make the Fortune 500 in a walk if they ever started selling stock. What many people forget about the Fortune 500 is that your metro might have a half dozen super large companies HQed in it, but if they are co-ops, private, NFP (like the state's largest native employer UPMC), or a LLC like most huge law firms, accounting firms, or ad agencies, they just don't count, no matter how much larger they are in revenue compared with #439 on the F500 list. Giant Eagle last time I checked would enter somewhere around #250 or so.

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