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Goler Project to help end Homelessness


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Truly, a development for the people. The Goler CDC along with Goler Memorial AME Zion Church are part of the city's effort to end homelessness. work has just started on the downtown neighborhhod's expansion which includes a 79 unit apartment building and the The Gallery Lofts. these along with an enrichment center are slated to start early this year and each project will benefit winston's poor population by putting them to work, and offer affordable housing...possibly within Goler.


that dividing line which was at one time as evident as the hyphen between winston and salem is beginnig to blur. its about time we saw strong evidence of progression.


click on the photo to read the article

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The church and developers/contractors of the Goler Hts developments should be commended for their inclusiveness. Hopefully, the construction jobs will be able to launch the homeless laborers into a life with permanent employment and a place to call home.

I really hope they are successful in rebuilding that neighborhood and restoring the urban fabric that used to exist along Vine St, Patterson, etc. By extending the fabric that still exists on Trade and Liberty down the hill east of Main St, they would be able to go along way in binding the races and socio-economic divide that exists between the western and eastern sides of the city.

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