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Sotheby's Realty Opening Nashville Office


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Indulge me on another trip down memory lane, but I remember seeing a glossy publication entitled 'Sotheby's Fine Properties' back in the early 80's and perusing through it to look at all the fabulous homes, castles and estates around the world in their listing. Then I turned the page to a beautiful lakeside property along a grand, wide river and a flowing description attesting to the wildlife that roamed the property. So I read on down and was shocked when I discovered the listing was in Ashland City. Holy cow!

The property was bought by a Duke and Duchess from England who actually lived there for quite a while until he passed away. I think a home in Kingston Springs has been listed by Sotheby's recently.

There is a post somewhere deep in the archives of this or a similiar website (I have been unable to find it or the related census bureau site) that reported on census data regarding the number of million dollar houses per SMA and as I recall Nashville had about twice as many as other southern cities of similiar size. Perhaps that's what they feel is appealing about Nashville.

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