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Changes at 50 Monroe?


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Anyone else catch WOODTV8 tonight reporting on Dr. Harry Singh's (GVSU) assessment of the 2006 economy. In the online link, WOODTV states for next year:

So what's potentially on the horizon for 2007?

Alticor's Marriott Hotel, the new Grand Rapids Art Museum, and an office tower at 50 Monroe Avenue, as well as those hospital expansions are included in the plans.


:huh: Do you think they're talking about the Macatawa Building at Louis/Ottawa? Otherwise, I don't know how you'd make a tower at 50 Monroe without tearing down Huntington.

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Although, technically speaking, 50 Monroe covers the lot too:


Who wants to volunteer to get a clarification from WOODTV? If they're willing to go public, they'll probably give more info. :thumbsup:

BTW: The Macatawa Building address is 45 Ottawa, so it can't be that (unless they're confused).

I swear I am not making this stuff up. :)

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Based on absolutely no "insider info" :ph34r:, I'm going to guess we'll see a 20+ story building put on the lot by TGIF's, CONNECTED to the current 50 Monroe Building, and the whole thing will get a new skinning. It's probably all closely connected to this sale:


What do you guys think?

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I don't think that article tells the whole story, but it appears some people are starting to pick up the clues :ph34r: . Here's a picture of 50 Monroe before it was re-skinned (far right, about 1/2 way up):


I've heard it's not worth uncovering.

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Yes Snoogit. And Rizzo, in the parking lot. I think 15 - 20 stories would look pretty good looking up Monroe, especially with 45 Ottawa (Macatawa) next door:

[MS Paint skills removed for bandwidth]

Sorry for my poor paint skills again. :blush:

Assuming thats going to be the look of the buildings :P

I do like that look down Monroe :D Im getting giddy with anticipation

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