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Smurph Dukedome

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This is a collection of pics i took today when i wen tout for a ride in the old woods where i am from... I talk about natural tally, here is some for those who missed out on it in youth.


large field


see the lake peeking through the oaks and pines


this oak has a natural fort in it, where all the branches meet. my mom played in it when she was younge, as did I.


trecherous on cars, soft to the eyes.




a beauty i was so fortunate to pass beneath everytime i left home, i miss it.


(this point i am cheating in my car)


last but in no way the least

hope twas an enjoyable look at the acreage. I would have had a shot of the mule, however, it was a metaphor! I was the mule!

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lol. very nice Dukedome. Beautiful natural setting, and even nicer was the lake... I love to find water tucked inside of Tallahassee's hidden jewels.

Thanks for sharing that CMurphy! You da man! :D

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