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Amway Grand Hotel - Grand Rapids


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Per special request, here's a montage of photos of the Amway Grand - Pantlind Hotel side - opened in 1915:








and the Exhibitors Building portion


and the transtiional area between the newer tower and the old Pantlind:


(looking across the JW Marriott construction site)

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does amway actually own that hotel?

Yes. And they own a new JW Marriott being built across the street:


I know they are not viewed in the best light at times, but they have pumped quite a few bucks into downtown GR.

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are their headquarters there in GR? i actually work at a company owned by bill britt. we do all the amway a.k.a. quixtar motivational tapes.

Their world headquarters is in Ada, a wealthy Grand Rapids suburb.

Great photo tour GRDad. Everytime I see it I still think about how much better that new front enterance looks...

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