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The West End


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A wine and live music bar will soon open in Greenville’s West End as a smaller version of the original in Simpsonville.

Julie Redman opened the first location of Sweet Sippin’ in May 2017 on W. Curtis Street in downtown Simpsonville. Over time, the focus of her space shifted away from an artisan goods shop and into a bar offering wine, craft beer and music.

The wine shop will move into the former Cocobella Boutique store in suite C of 21 Augusta St: 


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9 minutes ago, GVLer said:

I am a bit surprised the Husk space remains vacant. The building has a nice vibe so I can only imagine price is the obstacle to leasing it. 



https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/722-724-S-Main-St-Greenville-SC/27106494/ is the listing, which seems like it was written by an AI lol

$250k a year for the 6,600 sqft not sure how that compares to similar restaurant spaces.

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1 hour ago, GVLer said:

Also seems odd that it was give a business name - The Whiskey Hotel - that was never actually launched.


I think it was a terrible marketing campaign, not a business. If you look at the listing sign it is a Keller Williams branded signage. 

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When we opened Smoke on the Water in 2004, we had two goals in mind.  The first was to provide opportunities and livelihoods for our staff, and the second was to provide a taste of the South in an upscale and casual environment at a reasonable price.  The great people of Greenville and the Upstate have supported us since we started, and we have been blessed to have some of the best people in the industry work with us.  We actually have several staff members that have worked with us for 15 plus years.

In 2004, we were one of the first restaurants to open in the West End during the city's revitalization of the area.  Being so early in the process, we were given a very favorable rent.  That rent helped us to survive during those years, as well as giving us the opportunity to support and donate to many great causes.
We have no desire to  leave our current location, or downtown, but with the success of Greenville's downtown, and rising rents, we may have to look elsewhere.  Our current landlord is our fourth since 2004, and the first to spend any money to revitalize the building at 1 Augusta.  We are currently still speaking with them about the possibility of staying in that location.

I want to thank everyone for their support, and also let them know that we are definitely not closing.  If we cannot work something out at 1 Augusta, then we will relocate elsewhere.  We have survived the original revitalization, three years of construction, and COVID, so we will survive this as well.  Hopefully we will have some exciting news to share in the upcoming weeks.


Mike Shuler
Smoke on the Water

I find it unlikely that the new landlord will be willing to negotiate too much for such a prime spot that they are intending on investing in to further improve.  Hopefully SOTW can find a way to stay downtown.  Maybe they could just move over to the Husk BBQ spot 

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Too bad for SOTW. Prime corner location. I'm sure it gets them a lot of strolling customers just looking for a place. They see the seating, live music, and moderate prices and decide to stop.

Parking available, too. I get the smoked wings there just because it's so easy to park and pick up.  Doesn't get much better. 

Husk location is nice, but lacks outdoor area and parking. Who's taking over the old Cook's Station? 

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