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Downtown Greenville Theatre and Performing Arts

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I never really realized how lucky Greenville is to have an abundance of downtown performing arts venues, until friends from out of town called it out to me, I guess I took it for granted. Look at this list below guys.......downtown Greenville is absolutely bursting at the seams with performing arts! Below is a list of downtown venues only, this list does NOT include Furman, Bob Jones, surburban venues, Clemson, etc. A few photos and a dedication of this thread to my buds from Pittsburgh for calling this out and opening my eyes to what was right under my nose. :D



















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That really is impressive. To be honest, I'm not sure how many people in SC realize how excellent the arts really are in Greenville. I would certainly put Greenville's arts scene up against Asheville's, Columbia's, or Charleston's. I'm not really sure what the arts are like in bigger metros like Charlotte and Atlanta, but I'm sure they are very strong to be such important cities.

The arts scene really contributes to the quality of life in G'ville, and I am very thankful it continues to blossom. :thumbsup:

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You can include some excellent local and national actors to that list. Even the SCCT (which I have participated in multiple times) draws top notched talent from larger cities up and down the east coast. I especially like the fact that several of these are able to be independent theatres, but still work well with the larger organizations such as the Peace Center. You can also add the new Carolina Pops Orchestra to the list. They perform at the Thornblade Country Club and are made up of local and regional performers. The Greenville Symphony Orchestra has performers from all over as well. :D

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I read that earlier today. Sounds very intriguing and should boost the already large theatrical and cultural community in Greenville. :shades:

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