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Best Local News Station


Best Local News Station  

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  1. 1. What station has the best local news in Tampa Bay?

    • WFLA (8)
    • WTSP (10)
    • WTVT (13)
    • WFTS (28)
    • WTTA (38)

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To me, all of the news stations here are very good, though I have some minor gripes about a few, but compared to other TV markets, and other news stations that I've seen, Tampa Bay is lucky to have so many great, competitive news stations.

-- WFLA and WTVT seem to be very Tampa-centric. They tend to be the most thorough with their news. I hate 8's graphics, but I'm watching to get the news, not to stare at the graphics. I've heard of people with Satellite Dishes who move to South Florida, and keep their Tampa stations, because Channel 8 is that good (It's better than NBC6 in Miami)

-- I like the News Edge concept that WTVT is trying on weeknights at 11. There have been some stories in the paper about it not fitting in to local tastes (Too fast for the Elderly?), but it's good if you like your news to be concise.

-- WTSP seems St. Pete centric, and they have the best graphics overall in the market. I think they're "Enjoy It We Do" ads would be to homespun in other places, but it fits for local tastes.

--WFTS tries so hard to overcome the "Bridge Mentality" so prevalent here by focusing on all the Bay Area, yet they are dead last in the ratings. It's a great station, and it's sad that people don't tune in. Personally, the Weatherman (Dennis Phillips) seems like he's talking at you rather than to you, which can be a turn-ff.

--WTTA (News Central) seems to be pretty amatuerish. Even the news stations in Jackson, MS (where I used to live) seem to be more polished.

I didn't include Bay News 9, because I have Satellite, and can't get it.

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I would have to say FOX 13 WTVT is hands down the best station out of Tampa. I like their personalities, and coverage.

I agree with News Edge idea. They needed and 11:00 broadcast as opposed to N*A*S*H. Mark Wilson is a great anchor, as well as the rest of them.

Im finishing school in Tallahassee, and can say that compared to up here, all Tampa stations are good, but FOX 13 is great.

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