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Best BBall Conference in the NCAA?


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BigEast I believe has finally overtaken the ACC, at least if you believe the polls . . . I just can't fathom how the ACC/Big11 tourny is the "premier" event that it is billed to be anymore . . . to me the BE has always been superior to the B11 even with the Michigans, Indianas, and Illinois' . . . with the forced realignment of the BE (thanks ACC) I think the Beasts of the East are even better.

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At 16 teams, the Big East is just an unweldy mess. I will give you that it has a large number of very strong teams, but it needs to be broken up into two conferences. It should be:

Big East

West Virginia







South Florida

Metro East or Whatever




Seton Hall

St John's



Notre Dame needs to decide if they want to be an Independent or in the Big East.

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Big East is home to 3 of the last 7 National champs . . . and the "other two" in your 5 year statement.

Also Duke is a great team this year . . . I should know they have copied Pittsburgh's record to a tee, #1 don't mean much unless they play each other, Pittsburgh is as much of a #1 as Duke or Florida, so you can't really use that metric, the national titles are a virtual dead heat in the last 5-7 years as well.

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Sorry, I can't see how Duke, Pittsburgh, and Florida are equally #1's. If you look at the level of compettion, Duke has beaten 6 ranked teams (#11 Memphis, at #16 Indiana, #2 Texas, at #22 Wake Forest, #21 Maryland, and #14 NC State) while Pittsburgh has 2 wins (#22 Wisconsin, ans at #10 Louisville) and well Florida hasn't beaten any teams that were ranked when they played.

To expand on the Nat'l Championship numbers to include Final Four appearances, in the last 5 years, the ACC has had 6 teams make it to the Final Four, Big 12 - 5, Big 10 - 4, Big East - 2, Conf. USA - 2, and PAC 10 - 1.

I do totally agree with your earlier statement, I would much rather see a ACC/Big East Challenge than the ACC/Big Ten.

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Wake and Maryland are sinking fast from what I've seen, again these polls do serve a useful purpose but they are not the end-all be-all of who really is #1 through #10, Pittsburgh is a better in-season team then tourny team (unless it's the BE tourny), but then UConn, Villanova, and 'Cuse take over for the BE in March mostly.

Your Final Four analysis is interesting but instead of counting # of teams to make any FF in the last 5 years, what about # of appearances or "slots" earned by each conference cumulatively in the last 5 years . . . if you see the subtle difference. I will give you that the ACC has had more teams in title games in the last 5-7 years then any other conference but alas twice they lost to a BE team.

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The ACC, home to the current #1 team and 3 of the last 5 National Champions.

Well, so much for the best laid plans. Not only did Duke lose to a Big East team, but they lost to a lower caliber Big East team, and they'll probably lose that #1 spot to.... a Big East team (UConn).

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Beasts of the East are back . . . St. John's shocked my Pittsburgh Panthers, but we got it back with the 'Cuse!

What's with all the disrespect Pitt has only one loss yet Zaga and other 3 and 2 loss teams take up the polls from 5 to 10 pushing Pitt down to 11 . . . with one loss on the road to St. Johns!?!

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Beasts of the East are back . . . St. John's shocked my Pittsburgh Panthers, but we got it back with the 'Cuse!

What's with all the disrespect Pitt has only one loss yet Zaga and other 3 and 2 loss teams take up the polls from 5 to 10 pushing Pitt down to 11 . . . with one loss on the road to St. Johns!?!

PghUSA, not sure how much of a shock it was losing at St John,s. I think that Pitt is something like 2-17 all time at St John's.

As far as respect or disrespect, the Big East is getting a lot of respect (7 teams in the Top 25) and the RPI will be very high for Pitt. That will guarrantee a high placement in the NCAAs. Gonzaga will get hammered by the West Coast. It only has one other decent team this year. They have to play a hard non-conference. Same goes for Memphis in the de-nuded C-USA.

In Top 25

ACC 4 teams

Atlantic 10 1 team

Big East 7 teams

Big Ten 6 teams

Big 12 2 teams

C-USA 1 team

Pac Ten 2 teams

SEC 1 team

West Coast 1 team

If there is a conference that is being respected, it is the SEC. The SEC is not being respected, but I can understand why given that the teams that were supposed to be good Kentucky and Alabama have fallen apart, and aside from Florida that has had some good teams in recent years the teams that are doing well this year haven't looked good in a number of years. Aside from Florida, Tennessee and Vanderbilt have looked good in the East and LSU and Ole Miss have looked good in the West. None of the four are without weaknesses, but they have looked as strong as several of the teams in either the Big Ten or Big East that have been ranked. In the long run, the NCAA usually does a decent job of filtering through everything and placing the teams that should be placed. It is still a long conference season and many teams that start out strong falter along the way.

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Using 28 different rating services shows for Top 25:

Big Ten 7 teams (2 in the top ten)

Big East 6 teams (3 in the top ten)

SEC 3 teams (2 in the top ten)

ACC 2 teams (1 in top ten)

Missouri Valley 2 team (0 in the top ten)

Big 12 1 team (1 in the top ten)

CUSA 1 team (1 in the top ten)

Pac 10 1 team (0 in the top ten)

Atlantic 10 1 team (0 in the top ten)

West Coast 1 team (0 in the top ten)

I blew it. I used my feeble mind and placed the teams where I remembered them. I know that I put Boston College in the Big East. I may have done more. Old Age.

Another site was putting teams in brackets:

ACC Duke, NC State, North Carolina, Boston College, Maryland

CUSA Memphis, UAB

Big East Connecticut, Villanova, Pittsburgh, West Virginina, Georgetown, Syracuse, Marquettte, Seton Hall

Big 10 Michigan State, Illinois, Ohio State, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan

Big 12 Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Iowa State, Kansas

West Coast Gonzaga

SEC Florida, Tennessee, LSU, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Arkansas

Pac 10 UCLA, Washington, Arizona,

Mo. Valley Northern Iowa

Atlantic 10 George Washington, Xavier

Gateway Southern Illinois

MWC Air Force

WAC San Diego State

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NCAA has released the RPI. Go with if you are in a Major Conference and your RPI is below 28 you are in serious danger of not making the NCAAs. Note Kentucky 36; Kansas 58; Louisville 64 as examples of traditional powers that may be on the outside this year.


4 Big East

6 Big Ten

2 Big 12


1 Horizon

4 Mo. Valley

2 Pac Ten


1 West Coast


1 Duke Atlantic Coast 19-1

2 Memphis Conference USA

3 Villanova Big East 16-2

4 Tennessee Southeastern 14-3

5 Michigan St. Big Ten 16-5

6 Pittsburgh Big East 17-1

7 Illinois Big Ten 19-2

8 Wisconsin Big Ten 15-5

9 Connecticut Big East 18-1

10 Iowa Big Ten 16-5

11 Gonzaga West Coast 17-3

12 UCLA Pacific-10 17-4

13 UNI Missouri Valley 19-3

14 Texas Big 12 17-3

15 Ohio St. Big Ten 15-3

16 Arizona Pacific-10 13-7

17 Michigan Big Ten 15-3

18 Wis.-Milwaukee Horizon 16-4

19 LSU Southeastern 14-5

20 Florida Southeastern 18-2

21 Indiana Big Ten 12-5

22 Maryland Atlantic Coast 14-5

23 Southern Ill. Missouri Valley 16-5

24 Boston College Atlantic Coast 16-4

25 Creighton Missouri Valley 14-5

26 Wichita St. Missouri Valley 17-5

27 Cincinnati Big East 14-7

28 Oklahoma Big 12 13-4

29 North Carolina St. Atlantic Coast 16-4

30 Georgetown Big East 14-4

31 Marquette Big East 15-6

32 West Virginia Big East 15-4

33 Syracuse Big East 15-6

34 Bucknell Patriot 16-3

35 George Mason Colonial 15-5

36 Kentucky Southeastern 14-6

37 Seton Hall Big East 12-6

38 North Carolina Atlantic Coast 12-5

39 St. Joseph's Atlantic 10 9-8

40 Old Dominion Colonial 15-6

41 Missouri St. Missouri Valley 13-6

42 Temple Atlantic 10 11-7

43 UNC Wilmington Colonial 16-6

44 George Washington Atlantic 10 16-1

45 Utah St. Western Athletic 15-4

46 UAB Conference USA 15-4

47 Colorado Big 12 15-3

48 Air Force Mountain West 17-3

49 Kansas St. Big 12 12-5

50 Vanderbilt Southeastern 12-5

51 Xavier Atlantic 10 13-4

52 Alabama Southeastern 11-7

53 Nevada Western Athletic 15-5

54 Washington Pacific-10 16-4

55 Manhattan Metro Atlantic 13-6

56 Bradley Missouri Valley 12-7

57 Iowa St. Big 12 13-7

58 Kansas Big 12 14-6

59 Clemson Atlantic Coast 14-6

60 Va. Commonwealth Colonial 14-5

61 Arkansas Southeastern 14-6

62 Iona Metro Atlantic 15-4

63 Virginia Atlantic Coast 10-7

64 Louisville Big East 14-7

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This is an interesting year and as much as the ACC people don't want to admit it, the ACC is down this year. Both the Big Ten and Big East can make strong cases for being the strongest conference this year. Of course the NCAAs will give the full indicator for who is the strongest conference. I would question if the ACC is as strong as the SEC this year. The SEC does not have any team as strong as Duke by a long stretch, but after Duke there is a major drop off in the ACC this year as well. The ACC looks to have 5 teams in the NCAAs this year. given the way things are going thus far, I would say that the SEC would get 5-6 teams in the NCAAs. Duke looks strong enough to go to the Final Four and North Carolina State could maybe make it to the Sweet Sixteen. For the SEC, they maybe have three Sweet Sixteen caliber teams: Florida, LSU, Tennessee. Of those three, Tennessee would be the least likely because they have no inside game. The Big Ten has 6-7 teams that should make it into the NCAAs and the Big East could be looking at 8 teams in the NCAAs. Both conferences have 2 possible legitimate Final Four contenders.

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Interesting to see what teams, from what conferences are still in the tournament.

Big East 4



Pac Ten 2

Missouri Valley 2

Big 12 1


West Coast 1

Colonial 1

The Big Ten had been consdered the srongest or second strongest conference all season has no team left in. The Missouri Valley that had had all kinds of comments about having the same number of teams in as the ACC still has the same number of teams in as the ACC. I don't know that anyone thought that George Mason would still be in. I can tell you that Alabama and Kentucky gave UCLA and Connecticut all that they wanted in their matchups.

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