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I have been away from the forum for a while


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I know, I know, I know. I have been somewhat lazy with my internet time. Nevermind the fact that the internet did go down for an ENTIRE DAY just a few days ago!!!! AGH! Anyways, i've been away for a about a week because of many reason. Namely, hockey games are getting crunched together because of the Olympics and that makes my job and passion as a fan very hard. Gotta drink plenty of "Grandapa's Cough Medicine" and take plenty of Rolaids. In the midst of hockey games, Predators radio shows, and work...I have been able to capture and put together some of the most stunning (at least I think so) panoramic and regular pictures of Nashville you will EVER see. I wanna show you guys that while I have been absent from the net, I have not left my love behind. Take these pictures as my way of saying I love this city with an enormous amount of love and passion. Nashville is hard to capture in words and even harder in pictures, I just hope that I give you some idea.

ALL panos are redone and cleaned up considerably.

Michael D.

Cool Springs/Franklin




Love Circle true view


Hotdog anyone?


The Coliseum offers one an awesome view. Wouldn't you say?


There are those that go to Church.


And those that are still looking for their meaning in this life


For me, I have found one of the meanings in my life, Predators hockey.


Then again, I do like our ever changing skyline and the challenge of capturing it during the change.



Even West End excites me from time to time. Vandy and all that glitter makes my eyes hurt though. (especially when they beat my UK Wildcats AT RUPP!) Oh the pain of losing. But, I digress.


BACK TO HOCKEY!!!! You just never know who you are going to see. The 'Next One'- Sidney Crosby perhaps. He could be the next Wayne Gretzky.


And the Predators blowing out the Pittsburgh Penguins before a sellout crowd (the third sellout in four games actually) at the Gaylord Entertainment Center is always nice (taken last night).


Can't forget about the Titans too!


THE MONEY SHOT!!! Scroll----------------------------------------------------------------------------->


The End!

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On top of it and slighty, just slighty, to the right.

I agree. I think it would be pretty much on top of it. Michael, those simply are the best pictures ever! You never cease to amaze me, and I'd have to say that having these pictures more than makes up for your absence these last few days. I love your panorama shots, and welcome back, you son of a gun!

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I just noticed this, but what is that weird building on the left of the second pic?

The base of the Bellsouth Tower. It is the auditorium that extends out from the tower itself.

I meant to post this pic too. Random, but I have a fascination with firetrucks. I think they are really neat to see.

Ladder 19 at Centennial Park.


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I just noticed this, but what is that weird building on the left of the second pic?

It's part of the Bellsouth Building. Kind of a miny bellsouth building attached to the main building. I think this is where the food court and stuff is. It's only about 30 or 40 feet tall I'd say.

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That is Casey (my wife for those who don't know) and I at the Hockey Hall of Fame in downtown Toronto with Lord Stanley's, Stanley Cup. THE cup as many would know it. The highest trophoy in hockey. ALL the greats have their finger prints and names on this baby.

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Wow. And you came within a foot of it! That's amazing! I envy you.

As per tradition, I kissed it.

ATL: My wife was a huge hockey fan from the get-go here. She made a deal that if I would go to two games with her, she would have to go with me to Rupp Arena for a UK game. After the first game, I was hooked. I haven't looked back since.

Hockey players made an impression on me too. They (at least in Nashville) are so approachable and nice. Casey and I are good friends with many in the organization like Pete Weber and Terry Crisp (whose name is on the Cup). They are the play by play and color analyst of the team. We have a decent relationship with Scott Hartnell and other players too. Truley grateful people and very easy to talk with. That to me, was a big draw becuase for over twenty years I have seen UK basketball players act like they are Gods. You can't see them or even talk to them hardly. To me, that is just degrading as a fan. Maybe it's the differences of the two sports too. Who knows. Nevertheless, I am a hockey fan all the way to the bone. LOL!!! I have even gone so far as to start skating and learning the sport so that I can join a league later this year.

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You actually kissed it? Dude, you're obsessed. :blink:

Perhaps, LOL!! But that is tradition. Tell me how many times you have seen players carrying the cup over their heads just to pull it down and kiss it in celebration?

Heading for the lips........


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Well I'm happy for you.

Is this the only reason that you went to Toronto, or was there a more, how should I say it, normal reason?

Well the reason is hockey based.

Casey and I have friends in Ottawa, which is on the way from Toronto. She and I drove up there last hockey season to see the Preds play in Ottawa. While on the way up there, we stopped by the Hockey Hall Of Fame in Toronto. We left Nashville at 6pm and got into Toronto around 11am the next day. We drove non-stop all the way to Toronto and then to Ottawa. Took us 24 hours to get there, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Toronto as we approach DT on the lake shore.


It was a MTV type road trip on the way home. This is why................................


We came home through Washington D.C. SO in essence, we hit both the US and Canadian Capitals in one week!!!!

We ARE going to do this again. Perhaps take the left in Utica, NY and head for the Big Apple next time. LOL!! Seriously. Our road trips are the best.

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