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Ashley, Detroit, Huron Streets + More! (AA)

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These are from last Thursday. I know I haven't finished the Hayward thread yet, I'll get to updating that later.

Sorry these are big, it won't happen again. Grab a cup of coffee or something if these take long to load.


A view from my dorm room at Couzens Hall. After I took the picture, I decided to go around the city to take more photos.


A view out the other window with the mistake in the distance.


The Detroit Observatory sits perched atop its hill between Couzens and Lloyd Halls. It's hard to imagine this was once in the middle of nowhere.


Wolverine's future place of residence next year.


There goes our 1948 "historic" parking structure


With all the tower proposals the city has been getting, they realized it would be necessary to build a much larger parking structure.


A renovation and addition to this historic building is being completed by JC Beal


Work is continuing on Liberty Lofts. Rumor has it a downtown grocery store is moving into the retail space in the foregound.


Steel is going up for the addition on the right.


A view from William Street.


Looking up Liberty at First


Storefronts on William


Apartment highrises on Wiliam


Panoramic overlooking Main and Ashley corridors.


Some dry architecture.


County building addition


Sign on the side of a downtown liquor store


Kerrytown shops and I think one of the county buildings to the far right.


More Kerrytown


Looking back towards downtown.


Detroit St. Market


Kerrytown Mall


Inside the mall.


Some rowhouses on Detroit St.


Hellz yeah! I love Zingerman Sandwhiches

That's the end.

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Nice pictures, I love Ann Arbor, I will be going there on Friday. I like the Kerrytown ones, my family and I go there a lot, on some weekends we go to the farmers market there and we go to Treasure Mart too.

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Are you getting the imfamous X, or nothing at all? If you're getting the red X, right click and click "show image."

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Okay, I came back this morning and they're showing up just fine. Weird. And it was the infamous red X which more often that not on this computer cannot be solved, if I hit refresh and they don't show up (which I did) then try again another day (which I also did.) Worked this time, nice photos. Makes me feel as if you either took them really early or at twilight. But with my lousy understanding of sun positioning and direction I can't figure out which. Ann Arbor has such wonderful density and I'd love to see your future residence in a few years when it's all cozied up.


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