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Big week ahead for Greenville as far as events go! First, Greenville Startup Week: http://greenvillestartupweek2015.sched.org/ Followed by Euphoria (http://www.euphoriagreenville.com/), Indie Craft Pa

Yes, indeed! That's a great place to start! Thanks, Skyliner!

However, there are soooo many other happenings around town that aren't managed or by GEI. Some of them are pretty well known (the Greek Festival and Art in the Park, for example).

Others are quite obscure unless you're connected.

Others may be fairly well known and just sneak up on us if we're not paying attention, such as this year's Greenville News 5K snuck up on me. :whistling: I wonder if I can finish the course in under an hour again this year? :unsure:

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I went to the Auto Show yesterday afternoon. Pretty good, but I found it strange that most brands had their hybrids buried in the corners or back of their areas. This article below talks about fuel consumption being on the mind of consumers, but I had to ask Toyota where the Prius was....and it was in the very back corner....hidden behind much taller SUV's.


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I know this is not in Greenville but, if anyone is interested the Arts & Crafts conference is being held at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville NC this weekend. Their will be a incredible antique show, modern Craftsfirms show and loads of cool stuff open to the public. I don't know if there are Conference passes are still available but it is still a great time to visit the Grove Park Inn. Hope to see you in the Great Hall.

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Nate Lipscomb from the Greenvile Drive and I set a date/time for the UrbanPlanet Tour of the new West End Ballpark. Nate had asked that, due to the construction, we conduct the Urban Planet Tour of the ballpark as soon as possible; therefore, we've agreed on the following date:

  • Sunday, February 26, 2006 at 4:00pm ET

Nate also asks the following:

  • we try to keep the size of the group to 10 (15 maximum).
  • we bring our own hard hats if we have them

Considering the construction conditions at the ballpark, I have elected to leave my toddlers (and my wife) at home for the afternoon. If anyone was planning to bring young children along, you may wish to reconsider this.

My apologies for the short timing on this; however, please mark your calendars and let me know if you'll not be able to attend on Sunday. We're all in for a real treat with this preview. :yahoo:

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The Dog Show was this weekend at the Palmetto Expo Center. I didn't realize how big this must be, but I know someone, or some people rather, who drove up here from the low country for this event.

If it is (or was) the same one they have every year, it is a huge show that draws people in from around the nation. I used to work near the Expo Center and was close to the action and information of the larger events happening there. The whole hill out by the airport would be slammed full of RVs and busses. It was quite a site. :shades:

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