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Mill Center for the Arts

GSP Tiger

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I am recently aware that Hendersonville is in the process of establishing a new arts center, Mill Center. Located on the former Grey Hoisery Mill site along Fourth Street, the facility supposedly will feature a 1,200-seat theater and a 250-seat performance hall.

This is a great project that will bring in more performances to the Hendersonville area. I wonder if this project is making any progress.

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I don't really like the design they chose for the mill center. It's egghead monumental architecture with no concern whatsoever for human scale. That's the nicest thing about downtown Hendersonville, the human scale. Why throw that away to have a "monument" of a performing arts center?

The town doesn't have the money together to build it, and they may in fact never get together the funds that they need. Not sure how well the good citizens of Hendersonville would feel about a property tax increase to fund the center.

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