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I lived in Jax (Riverside) from 1979-1995. Some things I miss about Jax:

Edge City

5 Points

all the huge antique malls and auction houses

Peterbrooke Chocolate

Jackie's Seafood



Pasta Cuisine on Beach Blvd.

Springfield (LOVE IT!!!!)

Riverside, Avondale, Ortega

Lane Ave. flea market

the gorgeous winters

Public Radio in Jax (perhaps the best I've ever heard)

gay community that is really a community

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The buzz is swirling around the media that Weaver is preparing the Jaguars for a sale. Moreover, once that sale is completed a new owner, especially one with no ties to Jacksonville, will immediately be looking to move the team.

My thoughts are...

1) How can a city that clamored for 20 years for a football team in a state that lives and breathes football not support their NFL franchise that they were lucky to get?

2) The NFL has been nothing but kind to Jacksonville, yet the Jaguars fans are regarded as some of the most fickle in the league.

3) What economic impact will losing the Jaguars have on the city, especially given that the Jags are its only source of national exposure.

4) What does this say about Jacksonville overall? The city is a constant source of ridicule and satire and doesn't do a darn thing to defend itself - will it stand up and do what it takes to keep the Jags in town?

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^ I hope the Jags stay in Jacksonville. It would be a major black eye for the city if the team left. People need to show up and support them! I was there last weekend (drove over from Tallahassee area) and there were lots of empty seats. The NFL is North Florida is a real asset and will be sorely missed if it goes to LA. One more thing, the tickets are not that expensive when compared to college... especially when "booster fees" are factored in.

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Florida has a problem with Fair weather fans supporting sports. Team is winning and the seats are full. Team suffers and no one shows. If you look at places like Green Bay, which just came off one of the worst seasons in a while not long ago, its still difficult to get a ticket to one of those games (primarily because Football to them has become a way of life). We all know, if the team leaves Jacksonville, its not because the city can't support the team, its because the city won't.

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