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Pittsburgh's birth on PBS nationwide Wed. 9PM


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Official site: http://www.pbs.org/thewarthatmadeamerica/

Post-Gazette report: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/06017/639081.stm

This is years in the making and WQED bent over backwards to make it superquality and keep the production in Pittsburgh despite the odds . . . it looks like a masterful documentary on the origins of Pittsburgh and how it "made America", some top flight historians, producers and industry folks were involved in this . . . can't wait to see it!

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Did anyone else catch this? I was very very impressed with the quality and scope of the production, everything from the perspectives of the indians, the french and young women in the conflict. WQED should be VERY proud on putting on a production that could rival any high budget network mini or studio release!

Part 2 (another 2 hour epic) is sch. for next Wednesday at 9pm nationwide!

What a great treasure for this area!

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^^Gerbil, part 2 (2 hours) is sch. for this upcoming Wednesday at 9pm on most PBS stations and I think WQED saved Pittsburgh's best for last! The first 2 hours (last wed.) was fantastic but also (and rightfully so) dealt with some conflicts in upstate NY with the French and the battle for Nova Scotia with them, so only about an hour of it concentrated on Ft. Neccessity, Young Washington in Pittsburgh, Gen. Braddock and Ft. Duquesne. I am holding out hope that the final 2 hours is a tour-de-force of the three rivers, Ft. Pitt, Forbes, Grant and Stanwix! (since they got most of the other battlefields out of the way in the 2nd hour)!

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It was pretty good, they could have gotten a better dude to play Washington but I think in a way it worked out well since the majority of it focused on the years when he was in his 20s and not at all like the founding father full of wisdom we came to know him as.

I know that they replayed it on some PBS stations at 6am or so the next day . . . some PBS stations are running them on Saturday instead of Wed. The DVD is available through pbs.org I believe.

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