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Ann Arbor Meetup

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Allan asked that I post this in the GR forum just in case some of you didn't see it in the Detroit forum.

We thought it would be nice if the Michigan forumers could join for a fun day in Ann Arbor. Usually the Detroit meetups seem to be quite a distance for everyone, and because of driving constrains for a lot of the forumers, we decided A2 worked best becausae it was in the middle and interesting.

We haven't quite picked a day yet, either a Saturday or Sunday probably falling sometime in early February.

It would be really great to meet some of you. I encourage you all to come. It would be a lot more fun with a larger crowd.

If you want to come or are thinking of coming, you can post what days work best or other interests in this thread or the one in the Detroit forum. It doesn't matter since I'll be working out the day to meet everyone's needs.

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Any reason to head to A2 is a good one.

I have a friend who just moved from GR/Holland to A2, so I would probably stay with him for the weekend. Who knows, maybe I can talk him into meeting the group as well.

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