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12 hours ago, nicholas said:

80+ mph roller coasters in sub 40 degree weather? Eh...

That will sting on the face, but is still preferable to waiting in line in 95 degree weather.  Standing in the blazing sun as the sweat drips down your back (and other places) can leave you a bit soggy and irritable...yuk!

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Several years ago we went to Carowinds first thing in the morning in the spring.  It was a cool morning - I believe it was in the 40s when we got there.  Many of the rides, including most of the coasters, weren't open yet because they have a minimum temperature to run (metal expanding and contracting).  Once the temperature got to that threshold they then had to do all of their trial runs before opening them.  That would be my concern about operations through the winter - I believe they'll be WAY scaled back.

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