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IC's Atlanta at Night

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Over the past few weeks, I was able to go to Atlanta a few times. On a couple of my trips there, I was fortunate enough to be able to catch the city at perhaps its most beautiful time: night.

Some of these were taken with film and some were with my digital camera, so if some look a little different, you'll understand :)



Two Titans


191 Peachtree


BellSouth HQ


The Skyline From the Varsity






Skyline from the Parking Lot



Centennial Olympic Park

The Blur of the Fountains

--Usually, moving a camera during long exposure mode ruins the pictures, but I think it added to the effect of this one......






Elsewhere In Atlanta.......

People Heading For the Peach Bowl





Any thoughts? :)

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Yes, great pics, IC!

That one outside the Varsity makes me want to run down and get a chili dog! And everybody knows I love the Equitable Building. Thanks.

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I love these pics! I made that 2nd fountain pic my wallpaper since i liked it so much :)

Thanks cantnot!

I'm glad you guys are enjoying my pics. I'll have to go take some more sometime soon :)

BTW: Cantnot, were you talking about this pic when you said the second fountain pic?


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Yes, that pic! :)

Thanks!I feel so honored.

That one seems to be one of many people's favorites. I'm very glad you liked it.

Love the blur of the fountains! Exceptional job once again IC!

Yeah, that one was just a fluke of sorts. I was using long exposure without a tripod, so most of my pics turn out blurry (except a few that I got lucky with). In most cases, I find that blur ruins a pic, but it added something to this. I guess the blur of the lights fits in with the fast moving jets of the fountains.

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Awesome Pics. Atlanta sparkles at night, and those fountain pics are really good. I'm liking the first one a lot.

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