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Designing high-rises on Broadway


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The proposed high rise condos located at Broadway and Hildebrand will hopefully integrate the surrounding area through the design of the structure to be located as close as possibly allowed to the street. In other major cities such as New York and Vancouver, the residents (of high rises) are assimilated to street activity by allowing for pedestrian access and mingling. That said, It should be part of the design to locate retail shops or restaurant cafe's to situate themselves it the ground level of the building. According to the statements posted by architects for the building on their website: http://www.zieglercooper.com/urban_village.htm , they seem to incorporate the motif or the idea of an "Urban Village" for great cities and furthermore go on to say "...it becomes imperative that we make each development a contributing piece of our urban fabric."-referring to density and inner-city development. This statement hopefully will apply to the Koontz/ Mccombs tower. In addition, I understand that Mr. Koontz himself personally visited residents on the nearest residential streets to hear from them what they had to say. The design of the property dividers (walls surrounding the site) will be another topic soon to be discussed.

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