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Yes (& yes I still post at SCC).

It was a moderately growing town through the 1970's. Moderately growing even despite the numerous mill layoffs that would occur through the 1980's. That was when things started happening, the town took an ambitious plan to prepare itself as a suburb, in fact I remember they toured other suburbs, such as Marietta GA. The city itself financed numerous industrial & business parks, which aided it's quick recover from an extremely high unemployment rate.

Since the 80's (since I left in '90) it's become a full blown exurb of Charlotte.

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Its technically the 3rd or 4th largest city in SC in terms of municipal popuation. They annex like mad up there, whereas other cities in SC are not nearly as agressive. You have to take that into consideration when you consider its population statistics. Its well positioned to become one of the primary edge cities of Charlotte in 10-20 years much like Marietta in Atlanta.

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