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A skyline for Arlington?

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Many cities with far smaller populations than Arlington appear to be more magnificent municipalities than they are because they have something that America's largest midcity lacks: a skyline vista.

But that could change if the Lamar-Collins Overlay District booms as a sort of reinfill mixed-use development just north of Interstate 30 and south of Brown Boulevard, between Collins and Cooper streets.

Council members, seven of the nine anyway, have a vision: They believe that by allowing high-density, multifamily, mixed-use development, an assortment of skyscrapers will punctuate the Arlington sky, creating a pedestrian-oriented glob of jobs, tax revenues and convenient living just down the street from a revamped entertainment district and town center.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: City skyline may make a difference

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Share on other sites long as it wouldn't detract from Arlington's current skyline...SIX FLAGS!!! :P

I think this would be nice for Arlington. This is a logical area for it, too, with I-30 right there and all the development already present. There's a *NICE* Whole Foods right there at Collins & Lamar! That's also a very pretty area north of I-30 around Brown Blvd. It's quite hilly in places with lots of beautiful trees, and the AWESOME River Legacy Park System is very nearby. :thumbsup:

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