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  1. 1. Vote on your mix of DC or Baltimore news.

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It has been about a month since I have taken over the DC/Baltimore forum and I need some help. I am trying to guage the interest from our audience. Do you prefer more DC or Baltimore news? I am wondering if we have many (any?) Baltimore readers as the few posters we have all are from DC or south of there. Please take a moment to vote.

Also, if you would like changes made please advise. Feedback is encouraged and is appreciated. Guests are welcome to sign up and input as well.

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Hey guys I am a DC resident and I am trying to do my part! :D

I personally appreciate that. And hopefully some of the guests will join us soon. BTW, we really need more people with cameras in the city. Anyone that likes photography both novice and more advanced we welcome your photos of construction, buildings, monuments, etc.

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There's just as much going on in the DC Area as the B'more area. There seems to be just a lack of representation from DC people. We just need more people to take part and participate. BeyondDC is the main place I go to skim the news issues, but their forum/blog is isn't very active, so I'd like to be able to go somewhere where people are interested in the news and developments of the areas.

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I lived in DC before and moved to Baltimore. The only nice things in DC are things owned by the federal government. Baltimore is a lot better of a city.

Purely subjective. Baltimore seems to have quite a bit going on these days, but I much prefer DC. However, one of DC's biggest disadvantages is the cost of living--but that simply proves that it's a desirable place.

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