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Bloom in Seneca

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Food Lion introduces new shopping experience in the Upstate

Anderson Independent-Mail (SC)


Food Lion has announced plans to open its first Seneca store at US-76/123/SC-28 and Old Clemson Highway. This will be a Bloom store, Food Lion's technological savy supermarket.

This is Seneca's first take on a signature supermarket already having traditional family supermarkets like Bi-Lo and Ingle's and low tier Wal-Mart Supercenter in town. This is also good news for people living on the Oconee edge of the Seneca River where quite a number of communities are located with no supermarket within three minutes of driving distance. Instead of driving out to Bi-Lo or Ingles's on Rochester Highway (SC-130) or Old Greenville Highway (SC-93), shoppers can conveniently shop at Bloom with all the cool stuff.

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I recently drove by Bloom yesterday. The parking lot is paved and the exterior are complete with red brick walls and some stone facade. The interior still has ways to go. The floor, exposed ceiling, electrical and plumbing are being worked on. It already looks nice from early impressions.

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