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It has come to our attention that the Twincityscapes.com Forum has ceased to exist. Everyone at UrbanPlanet would like to welcome anyone who has made their way from there to here to UrbanPlanet and hope that you make yourselves at home here.

Please use this thread to settle yourselves in, get reacquainted with each other, and let the UP staff know how we can make the UrbanPlanet Twin Cities section a better place.

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Uhhh....TCS just crashed. It's quite alive, actually. Brian is just switching servers. :thumbsup:

Well it use to be on twincityscapes.com then it was moved somewhere else, but now that doesn't work. It hasn't worked for least a couple weeks, unless it was moved somewhere else for a third time. I am not a member, but a reader of that forum.

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As a former member of twincityscape.com it makes me kinda sad to see that everryone has scattered in different directions. I'd like to see the same rate of discussion in this forum as there was there. Everyone want to create theri own thing it seems and in my opinion, it is just reducing the quality of content shared.

It's not about the place, more about the people and information.

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