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New Orleans Development Thread


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Here is the picture in the paper of the Lakefront Condos

Credit Alon504


Man that looks awesome !!! What that in Friday's New Orleans paper. I wish I could see a computer module of what the city woul look like in 2 years. I am also interested in replacing East N.O. neighnorhood with the a new orlean styule housing for the returning evacs. I think that if New Orlean /Biloxi/Baton Rouge area one day will rival anything on the East coast except for Florida

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I did see on the city council website they are selling some property(city owned to the Trump People for the building). Good news, this building will be one of the many things that will show the outside world we are not only coming back but that we are determined to do it even better.

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What's the reddish looking thing on top?

That's the top crown of the tower, which is made of copper. Copper turns green pretty quickly through oxidation, and it will soon match the roof of Harrah's Casino, which you can see towards the bottom left of the picture. If you look closely you can already see parts of the crown turning green. :thumbsup:

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Ok, so here are the major projects that we know for a fact will be happening in the CBD:

Trump International Hotel and Tower New Orleans- 67 stories; 720+ feet

Woolworth Tower- 30 stories; 316 feet

Tracage- 24 stories; 288 feet

Vantage Tower- 25 stories; 270 feet

And major projects that are public, but still on the drawing board for the CBD:

Commerce at Girod Condo Tower- 28 stories, 367 feet

1501 St. Louis Street Tower I- 30 stories; 361 feet

1501 St. Louis Street Tower II- 30 stories; 361 feet

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So is there any news to add about these projects. Seems many things are proposed and never heard from again. We should have a thread about when we think the first highrise will break ground. I see the Harrahs Hotel is getting very close to being finished. Plants are going in by the car port. In other news, I hear that Ghost Bar is one of the new bars moving into the Fulton Street Experience. Still, no word on what the other bars and restaurants will be. Seems like it will be very upscale and trendy. I was worried it was going to become a Fannypackin Paradise.



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I like that building. :thumbsup: I especially like the entrance, which looks like it will have a nice atrium on the inside. Maybe somebody will propose a building like that for the spot were the old Advocate building used to be. Also it said that 11 floors would have 98 condo, while RiverPlace had 99 units for the almost the whole 36 stories. Those must have been some big rooms.

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The condos in this building would be very large, and very luxurious. The cheapest condos in that building would run you about $650,000, I believe.

My goodness, that's expensive. I don't think Trump will be happy about that. He'll might price the cheapest at $750,000 just to beat it out. According to Emporis RiverPlace will be between $250,000 & $1.25 million,but I think I remember reading somewhere that it could go to $2 million.

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Here is a link to another condo development in the Warehouse District area. Not much info ont he project, just a rendering but they do have a billboard off the interestate downtown.


Nice- What other major developments are happening in New Orleans? Is the city repopulating well? I really believe that metro New Orleans will be over 2 mil in 7 years

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The project to consist of two 20-30 story towers overlooking the Mississippi River will be one of west-suburban Jefferson's largest..................

Noted architect on Jeff tower job

He's planner for N.Y. trade center

Thursday, September 21, 2006

By Mark Waller

A developer wanting to replace a worn, half-century-old shopping center on Jefferson Highway with what could become one of the largest high-rise housing complexes in Jefferson Parish said Wednesday the project will be designed by a prominent New York architect who serves as master planner for rebuilding the World Trade Center site.

Developer Jim St. Raymond said architect Daniel Libeskind, a key figure in redeveloping the epicenter of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, is working on his plans for the Jefferson Plaza Shopping Center in the 2600 and 2700 blocks of Jefferson Highway, near Ochsner Medical Center. Libeskind's New York studio did not return messages for comment Wednesday.

St. Raymond recently purchased the 11-acre property from the family that owned the shopping center since the 1970s. He envisions two high-rises of 20 to 30 stories, one specifically for senior citizens that would include health care services, and the other containing traditional condominiums

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Great news for Jefferson Parish. Thanks for the info. Even health care services and senior citizen living, that's a good idea. I recognize the Libeskind name; that will be a really nice looking project for sure.

That project is a pipe dream. With the economic realities of the area and the high cost of construction, you will never have 30 story towers built at that inferior location.

By the way tennis, the nola development site is in the Lower Garden District on Religious Street near River Garden, not the Warehouse District.

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