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New Orleans Development Thread


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So apparently there's a lawsuit holding up the construction of Tracage. The plaintiff in the case is claiming that the project will block the view out of his condo that is shorter! He's claiming that Tracage is in violation of height limits. Seems like issues like that would have been cleared up already by city council approval?


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EXCELLENT NEWS: It appears that 930 Poydras (a 38-floor apartment building) has started construction. The parking lot at the corner of Poydras and O'Keefe has closed, and heavy machinery has moved in. The current parking lot surface is being jack-hammered. It looks like a second crane will be joining the one in the Warehouse District soon!

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If the news about the Gibbs development is true...can't wait to see it go up on the skyline.

I don't know what it could be other than the Gibbs development. The parking lot is closed and the jackhammers were continuing today. My office is at 909, so I'll walk across the street tomorrow if I get a moment and ask the crew what's going on.

As for the water park, I hope it's true, and I hope it works. I hate to say this, but a lot of people in Jefferson Parish won't go to New Orleans East for any reason because they are prejudiced. Frankly, the same thing can be said of people in Uptown (where I live) and St. Tammany as well.

I'm not saying this to be mean or to cause a stink. I just think it is true.

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If true, that's fantastic news about the Gibbs devlopment. Please let us know, JPK! I haven't driven through that portion of the CBD since the red light cameras went on line, so I've missed everything taking place on that lot.

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The Good News :)

Yes, indeed. The Gibbs tower site is being cleared for construction of the apartment tower, which will be on top of a 9 floor garage.

The Not So Good News <_<

Unfortunately, the project has been scaled back to 24 floors from 38. The height of the building will be about 240 feet, which will make it about the same height as the Amoco Building.

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Well, I certainly would have preferred the full height! However, Im just ecstatic to see something being built there! Its nice to finally see physical things happening around here not just hear about all these plans that never seem to come to fruition! Speaking of things happening: Home Depot and The Nike Factory Store opened today!



Also, Ruths Chris Steakhouse will be open in Harrahs Hotel around May 12. On Canal Street, The Audubon Institutes Insectarium will be opening for member first on the 22nd of May!

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