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Food Lion Expanding Throughout


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Food Lion is getting more agressive with its expansion of its upscale Bloom store, and its discounted Bottom Dollar store, notably throughout DC http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...6011903174.html (where other F.L. stores are being renovated) and Upstate http://charlotte.bizjournals.com/charlotte...tml?jst=b_ln_hl

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Food Lion is realizing their basic prototype doesn't have as much appeal in the DC area. Giant (both DC and Carlisle divisons) is very strong in that area, as well as Safeway, Shoppers Food and Wegmans.

I live in Columbia between DC and Baltimore and here is my take of those mentioned for the Columbia Area. Many of you may not know, but Howard County is the second wealthiest county in MD and fifth wealthiest in the US. We have a Nordstroms, but no other premier retailers. We have 250,000 people and no Saks, no Bloomies, no Whole Foods, nothing. We have to go to Montgomery County to shop upscale stores and our grocery situation is about the same.

Food Lion has two stores nearby. One is in another village center that had gone downhill and they are trying to bring it back. Went there once or twice. Might drop by if at the Thai Restaurant and need something. The other is in Skaggsville. Have never been there.

Giant is horrible. It is in just about every village center. You end up going there because there is little choice. Limited selection of items, largely they have one brand and then their house brand. They also have more stores than anyone else.

The Safeway in my village center is horrible. It is going to close when it's lease is up in June. Everyone is counting down the days. Harris-Teeter is taking a year to enlarge and remodel. Once it opens, Columbia may finally have a decent grocery store.

Shoppers Food Warehouse is in Anne Arrundel County. Don't go over there for groceries. Have been to SFW before in VA and it is like Bottom Dollar.

For Wegman's, Go to their site: http://www.wegmans.com/ The Baltimore/Washington area has three. Fairfax and Sterling in VA and Hunt Valley North of Baltimore in MD. They have restaurants, sushi bars, and some of the widest selection of gourmet items and cheeses. Needless to say, all are too far away for me to go to. There had been talk for a while that they were going to go in where the Buick dealership had been, but Safeway and Giant fought to make certain that they couldn't get approval. Three restaurants and a credit union.

Other stores:

Weis. OK It has some good departments and is in Savage nearby. Will go if there is something on special that I see in a flier.

SuperFresh. Not any near me. I really like the store, but don't even know where to go for one.

Roots and David's. Two local Whole Foods types stores. They are not as expansive as WF.

Whole Foods is not near either.

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