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Where Will They All Live


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In a recent David Brooks column in the NY Times here he discusses predictions of the next wave of population growth that will likely take place in the American southwest. Aside from the very important issue of where water's going to come from (which he doesn't get into) comes this stunning passage:

"Between now and 2025, the population of the United States will increase by 70 million. That's the populations of California, New York and Florida put together. To accommodate these people, 100 billion square feet of new residential space will have to be constructed. According to a Brookings Institution study by Arthur C. Nelson, half of the buildings in which Americans will live, play and work in the year 2030 don't even exist yet."


Think about that....all that housing is not yet on the drawing board...I think this give us an opportunity to get it right.

What should our future housing look like?

How should the suburbs of the future be layed out?

What about affordable housing? In the past it's been substandard, but imagine giving someone with few resources, a home that will increase in value over time...could this help us dig our way out of the current poverty cycle we see in our biggest cities (not to mention some rural areas too)?

I hope we can, as a nation, have these discussions and debates, because it would seem we have a great chance to improve our country and our nation in a way many of us perhaps have never considered.

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I would personally like to see superhighrises or arcologies as mixed residential/business structures. I know, this is unlikey, especially in America after 9/11, I think we still have the jitters (?). I also realize that these are all just conceptual, but I think they offer somewhat of solution:

Holonic Tower

I don't know that we will have much else except to go up!!

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