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UrbanPlanet Etiquette


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Since we have newcomers joining almost every day now, I would like to lay out some etiquette for UrbanPlanet. Obviously, we love to have lively discussions and multiple inputs on topics, but please review the UrbanPlanet Rules before you post a reply or start a topic. Here are some other "guidelines" to think about that will make your time here more valuable and enjoyable:

- Before starting a topic, please do a search of the forum to see if the question has been asked and ANSWERED before. If the question was asked and no one knew the answer, then by all means feel free to ask again. Try to use the same thread that was started before.

- PLEASE start a new topic if there is an issue you would like to discuss that isn't being discussed. Just click the New Topic button at the lower right. You can tell by the previous topics what the basic emphasis of UrbanPlanet is: urban living (and everything that goes along with that), urban development, urban social issues, transportation issues, planning, regional pride, etc.. We also welcome topics that affect the GR/West Michigan region as well.

- This is not a popularity contest. We welcome new and diverse opinions, and do not feel like you're not part of the "in" crowd if you are unfamiliar with a discussion. Be bold and jump right in.

- Please refrain from bashing other areas of the State or areas of the city. Many individuals here are working long and hard to improve neighborhoods, schools, and local businesses, and are also involved in local politics.

- Please be respectful of others. I have been surprised on more than one occasion of who is a member here. Basically the only people who you should feel free to criticize are "public figures" (ie our elected officials, local business LEADERS, etc.) and even then, you should be respectful.

- THIS IS NOT A TOWN SQUARE. This forum is privately owned and operated (not by me), and the owners and moderators reserve the right to edit or delete posts, or suspend/ban members. This forum is being provided FREE OF CHARGE to its members by its owners. Please respect that. If you don't like the sounds of that, start your own forum.

- Please refer to the UrbanPlanet Information thread for any questions you may have, or feel free to post a question there.

- Please check out other areas of UrbanPlanet, and contribute to those discussions. It's a chance to share ideas with people who also share a passion for urban planning, from all over the globe.

- Check out the feature stories at the Main Page from Smart City Radio and PLANetizen

- I moderate on a voluntary basis, and don't enjoy being the "enforcer". Please make my job easier, so that I can just enjoy the discussions too. :) This area of the forum is also moderated by joedowntown and Allan, although Allan spends most of his time focusing on the Detroit area.

Thank you and welcome!


BTW: feel free to add anything that I may have missed. ;)

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For everyone's information:

I am not trying to be a jerk or to be so "hands-on" around here, but there are a few people in this world who do not know how to carry on a DISCUSSION or DEBATE as an adult. I personally enjoy a good debate and like to see differing opinions on things, and I am trying not to squelch that. I think a room full of people with the same opinions on everything robs us of our ability to grow and learn as responsible citizens. However, when you insert outlandish spiteful statements into your discussions, they will be dealt with. If the statement is something you wouldn't say to the other person if they were sitting right across the table from you, then don't say it here.

If you guys don't feel I'm doing a good job, you're more than welcome to apply for a moderator position yourself. But I'm only following the direction that has been provided to me by the owners of the site.



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