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What is your favorite S. American City?

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Hello and welcome

to my poll.

Here, you will decide

what is yor favorite S. American


You can post all S.

American resident's (even members outside

of S. America).

Cast you vote and Enjoy! ^_^

You can only vote

for the folllowing:

La Paz



Buenos Aries



Sao Paulo





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Well, I will obviously chose Quito as my first option, not only bc it is my home city, but also bc Iactaully love it, admire its history and its amazing architecture.

Second place would be for Buenos Aires, and third for Bogot

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In English;

I love Rio de Janeiro because it is a true city. Usually when you have a city on the beach it has that touristy feel to it, but not Rio. You get true city services right up to the most famous beaches. There are grocery stores, bookstores, pharmacies and apartments where other cities would have cheap t-shirt shops, tacky touristy bars and hotel after hotel. It truly is a livable beach city. Plus that region of Brazil has the most beautiful Portuguese I’ve ever heard. There’s a reason it is famous. :shades:

En Portugu

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Without a doubt Santigo, it's in the middle of Chile, which is the only country that has any momentum going in South America, economicaly, politicaly, and socialy. Besides they are building South America's tallest that is a masterpiece!

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