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Good luck to the Steelers in the Super Bowl


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I will officially wish the City of Pittsburgh and the Steelers the best of luck in the Super Bowl. You guys are great Big East opponents, former Northeast Division opponents (Penguins and Whalers, NHL), and have had hard luck with some teams lately (Pirates and Penguins). I'm not even a Steelers fan, but I'll be pulling for you guys in 2 weeks...

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Thanks guys, your support means a lot to us "Pittsburghers for life" . . . by the way you aren't alone out there many many former Pittsburghers as well as many that just identify with the "common man" character of the Rooneys and the "blue collar" ethic of the team are life long Steelers fans . . . I loved how at the end of the NFC game the announcers including Bradshaw lamented that the Steelers probably "travel" better then any other NFL team (because of the immigration of ex-'burghers, the attraction to the team by out-of-towners and the rabid W.Pa. fanbase willing to fly or drive) but wondered aloud how the Seahawks will travel, it would be a first for the Seahawks nation (is there a Seahawks nation?) . . . traveling outside of the PS area for a big game.

Seahawks showed they belong last night, this will be a great game!

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