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Website Updates?


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The South was getting to big so Administration decided to split it into two seperate forums, at first to be called Mid-Atlantic and Gulf States, which after some discussion has become "Upper" and "Lower" South because they have are more general and broad geographic terms to divide the states by, and also because I believe they can be divided more evenly.

Thats where we stand now. The front page still has the new forums listed as Gulf and Mid-Atlantic, but I think those will be changed soon.

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On the topic of Web site updates, I just want to say that I prefered the Tennessee forum broken up into West, Middle, and East. I know that I live in Nashville's metro, but I don't consider myself a Nashvillian, and don't believe that the Nashville forum is really the best place to discuss Murfreesboro developments.

Just wanted to put in my two cents!

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^ I liked it that way too personally, but due to how search engines do their searches when people look for Memphis and Nashville related topics, the changes in the forum names was deemed necessary to draw new people to the site. I did get Middle and West TN added to the forum taglines. Basically they are still the Middle and West Tennessee forums, just under different names due web search factors, so feel free to post Murfressboro topics there as thats what the forum is there for, even if it is called "Nashville".

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