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Detroit Photos


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I'm not a big fan of Detroit, but those are some very nice pictures. One question though. Where does one park if you go to Comerica or Ford Field? There doesn't appear to be ANY parking within blocks of either stadium from those photos.

That is really nice how they got them both back downtown and right next to each other. Too bad we can't and won't do that here in Minny. The Vikes are moving to the 'burbs, and the Twins are either moving back behind the Target Center or over to St. Paul by the Xcel.

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Actually Ilitch has demolished several large buildings downtown so that there is enough surface lots for the people to park in :angry:. There's a lot across from the Fox Theater where the 17-story Wolervine Hotel was, and another where the YMCA was. There are lots all over. Detroit only looks as dense as it does because the steets are all angled. In reality there are surface lots all over, but especially near the stadiums. And it's also possible to park on a side street somewhere.

It is also possible that the Red Wings could get a new home in the same area as Comerica & Ford Field, but that won't be until the lease at Joe Louis Arena runs out (in 2008, i think).

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