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OKC's Urban Explosion


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Residential/Mixed Use Developments and Resources - Downtown/Midtown area

The total number of proposed residential units in Downtown is DOUBLE the number of units that are existing.

PS I worked really hard on this, lol. Might have left some out.

The Triangle - http://www.thetriangleokc.com

New Mixed Use District, downtown. "Approximately" 781 residential units, grocery, pharmacy, commercial and retail spaces proposed. Certainly the most ambitious and my personal favorite of all OKC projects.


Midtown - http://midtownok.com

Midtown property owners are getting very ambitious with the creation of their new website. There aren't real details or a master plan released yet, just individual projects. Midtown will likely be similar to the Triangle.

Block 42 - http://block42.com

Downtown Residential. 42 luxury units.


The Hill -

Downtown Residential. 171 luxury units.

The Classen - http://www.theclassen.com/Home

Midtown highrise condominiums, 80 units/21 stories. Conversion of Citizen's Tower offices, Frank Lloyd Wright inspired building.

Views from the Classen:



Park Harvey Apartments -

CBD residential. 178 units, converted from offices in 17-story Park Harvey building.

Tan building at center:


Kerr Conversions -

CBD residential. Three Kerr-McGee owned vacant office buildings to be converted into approximately 70 luxury units.

India Temple, with vintage image of original facade:


The Chandelier -

Automobile Alley residential. 35 luxury rental units.


Central Avenue Villas -

Downtown condominiums. 30 condos.

Legacy Summit at Arts Central -

Arts district downtown residential, ground floor retail. Lots of setbacks, could be cancelled. 303 units.


Bricktown condos -

Bricktown downtown residential.

Canalside and center:


Mysterious unannounced Midtown Highrise project by Rick Dowell, "ca. 250 units", limited information, revealed in Chamber of Commerce's downtown study.

Sieber Hotel Conversion -

Midtown, 30 apartments, 8 loft style apartments, and 5000 sf of ground-level retail.


Total: 1,978 units :yahoo:

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Yeah I know, it's pretty bad on the exterior. The article said that they were trying to do exterior restoration. That building had a really amazing exterior, so I hope they can restore it. I guess they have to find out how exactly the new exterior was put on, maybe try to find pictures of it being done, and then hopefully they'll be able to get that nasty facade off.

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