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A couple new midrises slated to go up (Ann Arbor)


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Ashley Terrace:


Site Plan


Looks like the office building just north of this site won't lose their parking as it's pictured on this site plan. I'd thought they'd flip for sure if they'd lose it since parking is at a premium here. The rest of the building will have all underground parking.

Campus Rentals apartments.


I'm so happy they will tear down the ugly-ass TCF employee training center. I thought that building was doomed for demolition when TCF took it over. They spruced it up by painting the plywood that covered some of the windows, LOL. Guess this was the reason they didn't want to put a lot of effort into it, as it is only temporary. IMO, this building is pretty sweet. We need more of these in A2.



Part of this was completed in '97. I guess it needed an expansion.

Glen-Ann Place.


And of course this project is all up in the air as 4th Ward residents threw a fit when they raised this one from 5-10 stories. The university, which is completely exempt from zoning restrictions threw up an 8 story research building nearby and the developer got all exicted and upped his building. Unfortunately, he has to comply to codes, and the historical comission was not happy at all. I think in exchange for building this, the developer must move two super crappy houses somewhere up the street.

The project will feature ground floor retail and underground parking for restaurants and all area businesses inside and around this structure.

There have been more proposals. Unfortunately, I have no renderings. Next time someone is in city hall, take pictures of the "development and projects wall." It's usually kept pretty well up to date.

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As far as construction, I guess I didn't take a good look at the site. There's already fencing up, with construction trailer nearby. Guess it's just some prep work. They still have to tear down some non-descript building.

Excellent find BarGal! This was something I was looking for as well.

Site before:


Future Site:


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