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CNBC's On the Money says Laptop vs. Rustbelt!?


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On the Money on CNBC 1/23/2006, had a segment on the Superbowl, asking how Starbucks and Laptops will take on the Rustbelt? So again Pittsburgh is the NON-Laptop, Starbucks area, and Seattle has no old rotting industry?

3rd ISP in the world

first internet domain name (still in use, 2nd overall, 1st .edu domain name)

first wired campus

first wireless campus

first internet emoticon

first robotics institute

first "internet" (one of original 6 nodes--or sites--on the internet)

global HQ for largest freelance internet marketplace in the world

world's fastest (unclassifed) supercomputer for much of the 1990's

Major operations for: Seagate, Intel, Ariba, SONY, Google, Vivisimo, Guru.com

or did they mean to say Seattle is the rustbelt team? Certainly Pittsburgh isn't the non-laptop team.

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Sun cheer up an NFC championship is still something to be proud of!

Oh and enjoy using those Pittsburgh emoticons, the internet, wireless networks, websites and privately financed ISPs ;). Lots and lots of rust involved with all those Pittsburgh innovations CNBC!

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I really hope the Seahawks come out on the field drinking Starbucks and carrying laptops, cos Steelers will whoop them. Maybe they can start an AOL chain email to help them score a touchdown? Maybe Bill Gates can help them hack the scoreboard?

I am at a point of not liking Seattle. My next laptop will be an Apple and Starbucks coffee isn't very good anyway, let's face it. Unlike most people I do like the company and their business model, but the way they brew their perfectly good beans just ruins them. Crazy Mocha and Coffee Tree are way better local chains, Carribou and Kiva Han are both better, and all the unique local shops are WAY better. I just wish some of these talking heads would actually come here finally and realize that Pittsburgh had coffee shops when Seattle was still a fur trading outpost or whatever it was. OTOH the one good thing about us having this ridiculous image is that all the yuppies converge on Seattle instead.

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Oh goody, stereotypes! That's always fun! :wacko:

Pittsburgh is far more high-tech than most people realize. It may not be the home of Microsoft, but come on. Last I checked, we had more WiFi hotspots per capita than anyplace else. We have CMU, too. And lots of new technologies have been invented here. We've been touted as "Robo-burgh" and "Knowledge town."

But that's okay, CNBC, you just go ahead and call us rust belt. We know most people are much more comfortable with old stereotypes, right? Wouldn't want to hurt Joe Sixpack's brain.

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It would take renaming the team: "The Pittsburgh Technologers" to change certain perspectives, IMO. :D

The Senior Olympics & Bassmasters learned about-then promoted "New Pittsburgh". The upcoming MLB All-Star Game & 2007 U.S. Open (with Tiger getting yinzerized, i'm sure...) will further enhance the more accurate stereotype, IMO.

Also, I see Michael (Douglas) Keaton & Denny Miller have been getting back to their yinzer-roots thanks to "Da Stillers". Changing image one demographic at a time, looks like...

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Whoa, we got the 2007 US Open!!!! where at Oakmont or at Nevillewood (it is Nevillewood right?) where the pro-am celebrity stuff happens (Ray Ramano was out there with Michael Jordan last year!).

Hey how can you play golf with rust? Maybe all those economists at CNBC know!

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