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TSN ranks the top NFL stadiums


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I think the rankings for the most part accurate, but I think Soldier Field and the Superdome should have been ranked higher. Qwest deserves its first place ranking.

Surely the GA Dome isn't the worst, though...

31. Georgia Dome, Atlanta

The odd roof makes this place look like an oversized circus tent. Is there any reason for a dome in this climate? The atmosphere inside and surrounding the stadium is dark and dingy. Frisghtening, almost. It's nice that it's located in downtown Atlanta, but you hardly get the feeling this is prime real estate. The cheesy photos of Georgia that ring the bowl of the arena add nothing. Playing Super Bowls here was like having a wedding in a sewer.

And yet one of the primary factors that is cited for Atlanta not getting a Super Bowl is the weather. :rolleyes:

It could use a little work on the aesthetic appeal in some places, but c'mon it isn't that bad!

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i've only been in ford field and its definetly worthy of its #4 spot, the old silverdome kind of reminds me of the review that the georgia dome receieved.

however, i've been outside qwest field and its certainly a beautiful place, no complaints from me seeing it hold the #1 spot.

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I've been to Lincoln Financial Field (Eagles), Gillette Stadium (Patriots) and M&T Bank Stadium (Ravens). I think that they got two of the three wrong. The Linc should definitely be in the top 5 and Gillette should be top 10. I'm pretty sure they're correct with M&T though.

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The Titans have one of the ugliest stadiums I have ever witnessed. 16 is a pretty generous ranking.

LP Field is a great place to see a game though. Back in the day (a couple years ago) when we were good, when the boys were on Defense it was so loud, and it's still listed as one of the hardest places to play in the NFL.

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