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New Residential Conversion

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Has anyone heard of a new "behind the curtain" development on the corner of Main and Taylor? I think it's the old "McCrory five and dime" building. From what I've heard, some developer is doing a very high end condo conversion with units around 1500 square feet. I don't know if this is true but I heard they are already sold out... I also heard that is where Sherlock's is going to "pop back up".

I've seen crews and a dumpster outside that building for months now... Anyone have anything?

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This project has been discussed and the website is www.1556main.com

I have also heard it is sold out and the price exceeds $350sq ft from what I was told. Very $$$ for the Columbia market but more power to him if he has sold it. I heard it was some internet businessman that is doing the project.

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