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Has Asheville's progressive and liberal ethic had an impact on the surrounding communities?


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Since the city of Asheville sticks out like a bizarre spot of bright blue surrounded by ultra red ( which I think is great and refreshing) I want to find out from residents if nearby towns are becoming more liberal through Asheville's growth? Or is the opposite true? Are the surrounding areas are only becoming more conservative because they don't like Asheville's vibe?

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It always seemed to me that the surrounding smaller towns and Buncombe County which still went for Bush even including Asheville were very Republican. A culture clash seems inevitable. It would be great if I was wrong.

I think we have covered this before. Counties voting for Bush are not a barometer of how liberal or conservative a place might be. Many liberal people in NC either did not vote or did not vote for Kerry because they were so disgusted by Kerry as a candidate. Kerry, in immediately stating, "I don't need the south to Win the election." lost the vote of many in NC, as he did across the rest of the South. The democrats were stupid for nominating him

Regardless of that, please don't create any further threads that lead us down the path of comparing the aspects of conservatives vs liberals, or Republicans vs Democrats whatever that means. It serves no purpose at all on this forum and often leads to fights that I and the rest of the staff are stuck with cleaning up.

If you want to re-create this thread on how Asheville might be leading development in the area and why (without the politics) then please feel free to do so.

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