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2222 12th Avenue South


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I completely agree that this is a fabulous looking building. I drive by it several times a week and have really been excited to watch how it would come out. My only question is how it will interact with the sidewalk and the street? I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but the first floor doors/windows sit very very high up off the ground...i kinda wish that they had placed them on the street level. But great looking building nonetheless - in a neighborhood that is fastly becoming a unique looking place. does anyone know if anything else is planned fort eh 12ave south area?

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Welcome to the forum Lukin. Wow, I cant believe all the new members we have had in the last couple of months.

Dave and William will know a little more about this project and may add some insight to this. I thought they were planning on building a large porch on the front of it. i have not been down there for a couple of months to know for sure.

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Well, last time i saw it a few days ago it pretty much looked the same as in the tennessean article...but a porch would be great! I really love all the new and exciting things happening in what was once a pretty rough area (and to some degree still is...) Hopefully 12ave south will get a couple more of this high class buildings!

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