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I hardly learn from lessons, unless of course it gets me outed and publicly humilated. But to give you an image of me, I would be the kid in science class contantly touching the Bunsen Burner --pondering the question, "Why does this hurt?"

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At least it puts more heat on Granholm. Nothing wrong with that. They even put a link to UrbanPlanet in their article:


Crazy.. Although, it's not a chat room :wacko:

They should link to UP; monsoon and neo have linked to a bunch of MLUI articles. There's no doubt those guys know about us. I, however, have no idea what the Michigan Land Use Institute actaully is. Who owns/runs it? Is it a for profit company? I don't understand how it could be promoting the removal of Granholm if it were a government instituion.

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I think I was quoted because the comment was the most polarizing in the shortest of length... I was fumming after I read the article and all the information along side the veto.

I'm mostly glad at the point gvsusean made. UP - GR is directly named, this should get some more needed attention for sure.

And by the looks of things, the author is quite close...

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Just a reminder.... (this isn't directed specifically at you Jay Blogger)

The ability to post at UrbanPlanet is contingent upon reading, agreeing and abiding by our posted rules. Our rules state to not post copyrighted material on this site as we do not want to be involved in matters of intellectual property rights of forumers and third parties. If you post something here that is copyrighted in this manner, we will most likely delete it and may take further action to make sure that it does not happen again. Our prescribed remedies are also specified in the rules.

I know your serious, but this is funny to read :D

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